in talks to invest in Swiggy, UrbanLadder

One of India's largest e-commerce companies, Flipkart is mulling more investments and acquisitions in the startups space, according to a report by Mint.

The Bangalore-based etailer has more than USD 4 billion in cash, is planning to diversify its business in a bid to take on its rival Amazon India.

According to the report, Flipkart has held talks to invest in food delivery aggregator Swiggy, services firm UrbanClap and furniture startup UrbanLadder, along with insurance and wealth management startups.

It was earlier reported that the company was in talks to pick up "a large minority stake" in BookMyShow, which would place the movie ticketing platform's value at USD 500-700 million.

Currently, Reliance Industries-owned Network18 is the single largest shareholder in BookMyShow with a 39 percent stake.

Flipkart recently invested USD 500 million in its wallet payments subsidiary PhonePe, which is battling SoftBank-backed Paytm, and Amazon Pay.

This year alone, the company has raised nearly USD 3 billion from SoftBank, Tencent, eBay and Microsoft.

Flipkart, in its filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in September, said that it had increased its reserves for financing acquisitions and investments from Rs 3,000 crore to roughly Rs 8,000 crore.  

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The health benefits of a good tooth

The British "Daily Mail" recently concluded with a neat and clean teeth, not only related to the appearance, but also bring the following health benefits.

1. Low risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University of North Carolina in the United States found that those with gum disease have a double risk of dying from a heart attack. Oral bacteria will induce a large release of inflammatory cells called cytokines, interfere with cardiovascular contractions, impede blood flow.

Stroke less. According to the latest study released in the United States, stroke risk in adults with gum disease is twice as high as that in healthy gingiva, and the risk of stroke increases with the severity of gum disease.

3. Sexual harmony. The study found that men with periodontal disease risk of erectile dysfunction than normal men three times. The researchers think this is a chain reaction of periodontal infections that cause blood circulation problems.

Good memory The latest study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, points out that people with gum disease have poorer memory and cognitive ability than those with gums and oral health.

5. Slow down the progress of the fool. British researchers track obese patients 6 months later found that patients with gum disease, their cognitive decline is 6 times faster than those without gum disease. The researchers believe this is because the body response to gingival inflammation accelerates brain function degeneration.

6. Joint healthier. American researchers found that patients with periodontitis in the gingiva citrullinated protein levels are high, this protein will aggravate the condition of rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Protect the lungs. British dental experts published a study said the bacteria around the gums can enter the lungs, causing infection. It is recommended that patients with lung disease pay special attention to oral hygiene.

8. Help pregnancy well. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may lead to oral problems in pregnant women. A recent study shows that pregnant women with healthy gums have a one-third lower risk of preterm birth An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn\'t that irritating? So, it\'s always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites!. ▲

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perfect palette for invention

I was recently part of a panel on France24 television to debate the subject: “The argument over French cuisine.” Rather than being a debate, though, it was more question-and-answer session once the cameras were rolling. But beforehand, the four of us on the panel had a very lively discussion in the lobby about the subject, which at one point pola ba, I stopped and told the producers that this was what should be captured by the cameras. All four of us agreed on a number of points, but came from different places, so each had our own ideas of what French cuisine is today, and where it is going. (And I had a few ideas of where it shouldn’t be going.)

Moving to the studio, I was seated next to Gregory Cohen, a French chef who’s lived in the United States. He’d brought several éclairs along from his shop, Mon Eclair, which they conveniently put right in front of me for the taping ecig accessory. It was hard to concentrate, sitting next to the beautiful creations, while we continued to chat. But when the cameras stopped, I dove right in.

Amazingly, a day after the show aired, one of my best friends in Los Angeles sent me an email. He’d seen the program and was a good friend of Gregory. I didn’t ask if he usually watched France24 in L.A., but found that pretty incredible he knew the personable fellow sitting to my left Sculptra. But I was equally interested in Gregory’s new concept of a pastry shop (where you design your own dessert), as I’ve been thinking a lot about how French cuisine will involve, and what it will it look like in the future.

While there are some extraordinary young chefs cooking in Paris today, most of the food reads to me like “global cuisine,” rather than being uniquely French. The ingredients may be sourced in France, but the chef may be Australian, French, Belgian, or American. So what makes a dish “French cuisine”? We apply that label to traditional foods from the past, but how do we define what’s assign provenance to a plate of bulots (sea whelks) tempura that I had at Pirouette two nights ago? Or the unforgettable crab salad with green tomato jelly with coral mayo I had at the Bristol? They hardly were typical “French” dishes, but made with French ingredients by French chefs. Still, if I was served them in Seattle or Tokyo, they would have felt right at home.

For the last couple of years, many of the trends in Paris took cues from outside of the country. But éclair is resolutely French and it’s the perfect palette for invention, and reinvention.


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during the simmering

Start by letting your tamarind pods soak in warm water for about 30 mins. Once the are soft, peel off the brittle shell part and squeeze out the seed pulp into your pot water. Bring your water to a rolling boil for about 5 minutes and add the Piloncillo and the cinnamon sticks HKUE ENG. For the Piloncillo you can use a cheese grater to grate the cone. After the water has boiled for about 5 minutes, lower the heat to a low simmer and add the guavas, apples, Tejocotes, prunes and sugar cane. Since the Tejocotes are already in liquid, they can be added now, otherwise they would have needed to be soaked with the tamarind since they tend to have a thicker skin.

Let the pot simmer for about an hour. This is when your home is going to smell fantastic! After about an hour you’ll notice that your apples are no longer floating nu skin hk. Taste and add sugar as you see fit. Most of the time no sugar needs to be added since the fruit releases its sweetness during the simmering.

Once it’s ready you can ladle the Ponche into mugs making sure to add some of the fruit. Also, you can add a stick of sugar cane to each drink. I placed cinnamon sticks in mine, but the traditional way uses sugar cane sticks that you can suck on! And that’s it! It’s super soothing and it just always brings up images of my childhood; my parents church always made huge pots of Ponche during our Christmas celebrations.

If you’re in Mexico during Christmastime, you’ll see street vendors sell Ponche on the sides of the street, but be careful! The true Ponche adds Brandy or Rum to the recipe.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! Thanks so much for letting me share this with you, I hope you get to try it this winter. If you do, send me some photos and let me know how it came out!


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random Starbucks

Beer people, we have our own language. Our own accepted set of standards. In most settings, with most normal humans, it’s unacceptable and off putting to ask a stranger if you can sample the beverage in their hands California Fitness. Try it, go to a random Starbucks and ask the guy who waited in line behind you if you can try his latte. The response, if you’re lucky, will be somewhere along the lines of, “Wait…what?”

Try it in a brewery, you’ll get a completely different response. Every beverage is just a polite comment away from a communion chalice. “Can I try your beer?” is nearly always met with California Fitness, “Yes! It’s awesome, give it a try.”

It’s a sacred tradition, it’s the wrist band of admission into the world of mild beer worship. We want to share, we want you to understand why we ordered what we did. We also understand that some beers are limited, the experience is fading as the keg empties and we don’t want to deny you a small place at the table California Fitness.

I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of the pass-the-beer-take-a-sip ritual. It’s a small example of how much heart there is in the world of craft beer, how excited we are about what’s being made. Just like if you see a musician listening to headphones and ask if you can listen, he’ll pass them over so you can hear too. Or if you ask a runner if you can join on the trail, he’ll happily pace to you. People want to share their passions, show even strangers what all the fuss is about. Our’s just happen to be shared in proper glassware.


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we will wait and see

The highlights of this first week of January have been a few:
A couple of lazy mornings, snuggled up tight with my babies under the red cashmere throw I got last Christmas. We make it work the 4 of us, because really you either share, or you get kicked out from under the goats, and believe me nobody wants to be that one youfind online.
The last handful of tomatoes and basil from the garden, before that freezing cold night took their breath away. But it was amazing while it lasted reenex cps.

A box of Belgian chocolates from my friend Julie: dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel swept me off my feet. Shocker ! Those were great for 2 days, while they lasted as well Web Vulnerability Scan.

A vintage European Christmas tree topper I found in clearance, charming winter silverish white with delicate specks of glittery dust. Speaking of trees, Ive been planning to undress it 3 days ago but It turns out I just can’t let go of the magic quite yet. Maybe tomorrow…or next week…not sure, we will wait and see..

Finally, this bowl of Shrimp Teriyaki Udon Noodles Stir-Fry. Usually it’s just the thing I throw together on a busy workday; when I find myself immersed in whatever it is I’m working on at the moment and I completely space out until 4 o’clock when hunger hits me like a ton of bricks. So i try to throw in there everything that screams healthy to me that might be renting space in my refrigerator drawers that day. Sometimes is just a few broccoli florets and a couple of mushrooms, crack an egg on top and load up on herbs from the garden. Yesterday I had everything tough, except a nice red chile pepper to slice up on top for extra spiciness, and my Batman killed all the leftovers.
As you can notice from the photos I was clearly hungry during the photographing stages, as i filled those bowls up to heavens. They are a pretty turquoise shade I love, in case you might be interested, I’ll do them justice in a future post. But for now, it’s all about those noodles!


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slightly lemony taste

Grilling, baking, and frying are all common ways to cook chicken, but have you ever tried tea smoking? If you are looking for a recipe to add flavor and interest to your fall table without adding extra calories or fat, this is the method you’ve been looking for. A shiny, lacquer like finish is characteristic of tea smoking, similar to the results you get from barbecuing except prettier and milder in taste.

There are two layers of flavor in these wings. The first layer of flavor is from the marinade, where soaking the chicken for 24 hours or overnight will produce the most tasty chicken wings. My favorite additions to the marinade are the ginger and rice wine, which add some brightness and acidity to balance out the smoked flavors that come later.

Most tea smoking recipes include Szechuan peppercorns somewhere in the preparation process. The peppercorns are a bright red color, and have woody, slightly lemony taste. They are known for producing a slight numbing effect on the tongue.

To make the tea smoking process easier and cleaner, start by lining a large wok with a large piece of heavy-duty foil. The tea smoke base of oolong tea, apple wood chips, sugar, cinnamon, star anise, orange rinds, and rice are placed directly on top of the foil, and a steaming rack is placed on top. The rack will hold the chicken wings so that they can smoke on all sides for the maximum flavor and color.

In my opinion, it’s best to do your tea smoking outside. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t have plumes of smoke coming out of your wok, but the smokey wisps will produce a spicy essence throughout your house, one that’s noticeable for at least a few hours, if not longer. If you can’t do this, do what I did and remove the top of the wok outdoors after the wings are finished smoking.

If you increase the steaming and smoking times, you can easily use this recipe to cook other larger pieces of chicken for an elegant tea-laced fall meal. By changing up the smoking base with ingredients like jasmine tea, black tea, or even other types of wood chips, you’ll end up with some very intricate nuances in flavor that only a good tea smoke can create.  

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poche chiacchiere

Trova una scala a chiocciola in ferro battuto, sali un gradino alla volta e fermati a guardare i tetti di Roma.

Nelle ore centrali del giorno, quando la luce è calda e la strada di sotto è chiassosa. Oppure di notte, sotto una pioggia fine, con la luce dei lampioni qua e là e poche chiacchiere in lontananza.

Racconta sogni a voce alta, compra del tè che profuma di fragola e rabarbaro e pensa a un menù colorato, cremoso e croccante.

Fai spazio al prossimo viaggio – che ormai ci siamo – alla sciarpa bordeaux che metterai in valigia e a un tot di parole li in mezzo.

É un autunno di vellutate e biscotti, burro di arachidi e cavolfiore come fossero sinonimi e contrari, incontri e parole che diventano occhi.

Alla fine toccherà riconoscere che hai ragione tu. Se ti piace, basta quello no?  

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wholeheartedly recommend

This is one of those simple side salads you will make over and over again. The combination of bittersweet pink grapefruit with soft avocado always works and it’s even better combined with tangy goat cheese or feta Retail Displays.

I like to serve this salad just the way it is, with some grilled fish or steak for instance. Add some seafood to make this salad extra special: lobster, crab and shrimp would all work great in this dish. And when you add some cooked grains like quinoa or couscous, you can easily transform this salad into a filling meal Trusted ICT Solution.

I often opt for a simple vinaigrette to drizzle over this salad, but feel free to experiment with other flavors. The mango vinegar I used last time is an addition I can wholeheartedly recommend green coffee mug.


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Skillet Brownie

It’s always a bit sad when summer comes to an end, bringing on so much change. Kids and teachers go back to school, the weather becomes cooler, and sun-tans begin to fade (or in my case, sun-burns). Those changes might not bring a smile, but some changes for autumn are good! The absolute best thing about fall is the return of Pumpkin stainless steel travel tea mugs!!

Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie Rookie Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookiePumpkin flavors have come to rule autumn! All year I look forward to Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and everything else Pumpkin that Pinterest can come up with! I’m kicking off Pumpkin Week (You heard me…an entire WEEK!!) here at The Cookie Rookie with one of my very favorite ways to incorporate Pumpkin. This Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie made the house smell amazing, and made me sooo excited for fall.Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieSkinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieIf you read this blog at all, you know I love chocolate. Chocolate and cheese, my two weaknesses. In the fall, you can add pumpkin spice to that list. Yum. This brownie has two of my very favorite flavors, and didn’t disappoint!Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieJust because you’re making a decadent dessert doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy choices. For this Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie, I used white whole wheat flour as well as Sugar In The Raw Organic White. Small and easy substitutions that make a big difference. The brownie still tastes sinful, believe me Necklace online!

Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie Rookie Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieIn The Raw has a family of sweeteners including Stevia In The Raw, Monk Fruit In The Raw, and Sugar In The Raw Organic White. They are all great, giving you healthier and natural options for sweetening all of the recipes you love. Sugar In The Raw Organic White is incredibly easy to bake with. It was the perfect substitute for making this Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. It can be found in stores across the country, as well as online!Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie Rookie Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieI can’t wait to bake with In The Raw in the future. I think I’ve officially caught the baking bug. I’m two years into my cooking journey, it’s about time Managed Security Service!

Skinny Pumpkin Pie Skillet Brownie. This is the best dessert ever! - The Cookie RookieClick HERE to check out seven other fabulous desserts made healthier using In The Raw products over at Kitchen Daily!


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