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Second child era

  This reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education that in 2017 Beijing will vigorously develop pre-school education, build new ones, reform and expand a number of public kindergartens, and support the development of inclusive private kindergartens with more than 10,000 new places Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

  "In recent years, due to the large number of kindergartens that originally belonged to enterprises and institutions to exit and a large influx of immigrants, leading to shortages of public kindergartens in major cities like Beijing." Feng Hongrong, member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said in addition, And the "comprehensive two-child" policy of the superposition effect, making the preschool education supply and demand more acute conflicts.

  Feng Hongrong introduced that at present Beijing is studying how to provide a sufficient degree of pre-school education and, under the premise of ensuring safety and health, increase the number of public parks and encourage social forces to run inclusive preschools. "For private kindergartens that meet the relevant standards in terms of space, safety and reputation, the government can adjust its fees through incentives, subsidies and purchase services Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!."

  It is understood that in 2017 Beijing districts will increase the supply of pre-school degree. To be specific, Dongcheng District will add 10 kindergartens and 1,500 degrees through the reform of Chunjiang Primary School and the completion of Chongweicuan, the second kindergarten in Dongcheng District. Xicheng District will add no less than 700 preschool places in government-run parks; Chaoyang District, plans to start 10 kindergartens, more than 3200 degrees; Haidian District plans to add 3000 pre-school degree; Fengtai District through the construction of 3 to 5 high-level private park, an increase of about 6,000 degrees; as Beijing city deputy Tongzhou District Center, will also build 32 kindergartens The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale..


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National kindergarten teacher gap of 3000000

  "China Youth Daily" WeChat number November 25, recently, some kindergarten broke the "child abuse" incident, so many people are particularly worried, there are users in the comments called for qualified kindergarten teachers to come Care for children, but in fact many people did not expect ...PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. PolyU Optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong.

  Serious shortage! Kindergarten professional college students are berserk

  Recently, Shanghai Morning News reported that over 100 kindergarten teachers from East China Normal University came to hiring 200 kindergartens ... Reportedly, the gap in the kindergarten teachers in Shanghai is grim.

  This year there are only 281 preschool education posts in Jiading District of Shanghai. Only 2018 faculty recruitment programs in this district are taken as examples. There are 281 preschool teachers in 58 nurseries, 5 in experimental kindergartens, 5 in kindergartens People, the most Tian-kun kindergarten will recruit 22 teachers at a time.

  And this is just the tip of the huge kindergarten teacher gap. It is reported that Shanghai East China Normal University, Guru and older graduates add up to just over 200 graduates Dream beauty pro.

  Preschool education related graduate gap how big? Carding around the media found that kindergarten professional undergraduates become the target of local pre-school children crazy grab, some college students did not even graduate, it was booked in advance.

  National kindergarten teacher gap of 3000000

  According to "Kindergarten Staff Equipping Standards (Interim)" issued by the Ministry of Education in 2013, the ratio of staff to young children in full-time kindergartens should reach 1: 5 to 1: 7. However, the data show that in 2016, the number of kindergarten teachers in our country was 3.818 million, and the ratio of teachers and students was about 1:12. To achieve the goal of 1: 7, there should be 2.888 million staff for kindergarten teachers. The standard of staffing of kindergartens in China The requirements are still far apart.

  According to the Voice of China "Global Chinese Broadcasting Network" reported that the opening of two-child policy will have far-reaching pre-primary education. The survey shows that starting from 2019, there will be a sharp increase in the number of toddlers in the preschool education stage in our country, and will continue to increase to a maximum in 2021.

  The data show that the number of school-age children in pre-primary education will increase by about 15 million in 2021 and the estimated number of kindergartens will be about 110,000. Preschool teachers and childcare workers are expected to have a gap of more than 3 million Dream beauty pro.

  3 million gap! "Because of the scarcity of resources for professional kindergarten teachers, many kindergartens are not strict in recruiting teachers for admission, and some social workers who do not have the qualifications of kindergarten teachers enter the kindergarten." Xu Wenna, director of Jinping Kindergarten in Jinan Lixia District, said precisely because Many people are holding kindergartens who, in any event, are looking for a job as a "job," without professional study and training. "When they find out that children are not very naive and imaginative, they have not solved it Approach, it can only be simple and crude choice of non-normal approach. "

  Fresh graduates can not meet the kindergarten gap

  Correspondingly, the number of college graduates is far behind the shortage of kindergarten teachers.

  Nguyen Pei-chang, director of the Employment Center of East China Normal University, said: There are over 100 graduates in pre-school education every year. Last year alone, over 200 kindergartens came to "grab" more than 100 graduates. This year's recruitment is more difficult.

  According to a report by Changsha News Network in October this year, Changsha City has a population of 7.64 million and a total population of 267,000 in the park. The number of eligible children in the next five years will also increase by 167,000, while that of preschool teachers will increase by a net amount of 32,600. However, there are no more than 3,000 new kindergarten teachers who graduated in 2017 in Hunan.

  This 3000 people are not all can stay, according to Hunan Normal University Institute of Vocational Education data show that Hunan Normal University and other urban graduates of Changsha City Institute for graduate studies or work in developed areas such as the lack of employment in kindergarten in Changsha 50% lower than other universities outside Changsha.

  Some media survey shows that some kindergarten majors are parents to help choose the professional, and some are being transferred, the phenomenon of graduation to switch is not unusual. In addition, surveys show that "stressful" and "low wages" are the main reasons why kindergarten teachers frequently switch jobs and switch jobs.

  22.4% of kindergarten teachers in China only have high school diplomas and below

  According to the annual statistics of the Ministry of Education, there were 3.81 million faculty members in the nation's kindergarten in 2016, of which 2.5 million teachers are college directors and full-time teachers. Among these kindergarten teachers, the education mainly focuses on specialties, accounting for 56.37% of the total, with 22.4% Teachers only have high school diploma and below. In addition, 73% of teachers are undecided.

  Zhang Xueping selected two vocational school students in Wuhan in the paper "Analysis and Consideration on the Quality of Kindergarten Teachers in Wuhan" to observe the quality changes of freshmen in kindergartens. The results showed that the number of low marks increased from 0.01% in 1995 to 60.41% in 2004, while the high marks dropped from 46.61% to 0.23%.

  In addition, the pre-school education had the highest proportion of people run private education at the level of academic education, reaching 64.3%, while that of ordinary primary and junior high schools only accounted for 3.37% and 9.6% respectively.

  Kindergarten-based, kindergarten teacher professional low threshold for the current pre-primary education is the main feature.

  In other countries, kindergarten teachers require more than a bachelor's degree or above

  In Canada, being a kindergarten teacher is not easy. Early childhood majors need to learn the language arts of children, explore the environment in which children grow up, innovate in children, psychology of children, nutrition and safety in children, psychology of special children, etc. More than a dozen courses. The final trainee must complete a professional course from a university approved by a provincial educational institution to qualify for early childhood education.

  It is worth noting that only graduates of early childhood education can obtain kindergarten teacher certification. Other majors, even those who have received their Ph.D. degree, will need to be reflowed if they wish to switch to a kindergarten teacher. All kindergarten teachers can apply through all preschool education courses.

  The United States requires that teachers apply for a first-time university education for 4 years and receive one to two years of post-secondary education training, including an educational internship, before taking a bachelor's degree, followed by a unified teacher qualification examination.

  French preschool teachers receive two years of training at the Teachers Training Institute (IUFM). Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications, good health, no ex-families Dream beauty pro.
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U.S. puts 3-D mammograms to the test

U.S. puts 3-D mammograms to the test
WASHINGTON — A better mammogram? Increasingly women are asked if they want a 3-D mammogram instead of the regular X-ray — and now U.S. health officials are starting a huge study to tell if the newer, sometimes pricier choice really improves screening for breast cancer.
It's the latest dilemma in a field that already vexes women with conflicting guidelines on when to get checked: Starting at age 40, 45 or 50? Annually or every other year Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, PolyU provides a wide range of engineering programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge.?
The issue: Mammograms can save lives if they catch aggressive breast cancers early. But they also can harm through frequent false alarms and by spotting tumors that grow so slowly they never would have posed a threat — over-diagnosis that means some women undergo unneeded treatment.
That trade-off is a key question as doctors begin recruiting 165,000 women nationally to compare potentially more beneficial 3-D mammograms — known scientifically as "tomosynthesis" — with standard two-dimensional digital mammography.
Related: New Report Questions Value of Mammograms
The 3-D mammograms have been marketed as being able to find more cancers.
"But the idea isn't so much finding more cancers as finding the cancers that are going to be life-threatening," said Dr. Worta McCaskill-Stevens of the National Cancer Institute, which is funding the new research to tell whether the 3-D scans truly pinpoint the tumors that matter most.
It's one of the largest randomized trials of mammography in decades, and scientists designed the research to do more than answer that key 3-D question. They hope the findings also, eventually, will help clear some of the confusion surrounding best screening practices.
"The most important thing about this study is that it's moving us to individualized screening as opposed to what we have now, which is one-size-fits-all screening," predicted study chair Dr. Etta Pisano, a radiologist at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
"We are going to have a much better understanding of how to screen women so that we do the least amount of harm."
That depends on whom you ask. Guidelines vary for women at average risk of breast cancer. (Those at increased risk, because of family history or genetics, already get different advice.)
The American College of Radiology recommends annual mammograms starting at age 40.
The American Cancer Society urges annual checks starting at 45 and switching to every other year at 55, though it says women 40 to 44 still can opt for a mammogram.
And the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a government advisory group, recommends starting at age 50, with mammograms every other year. It, too, says 40-somethings can choose earlier screening.
Standard mammograms take X-rays from two sides of the breast. With tomosynthesis, additional X-rays are taken at different angles -- not truly three-dimensional but a computer compiles them into a 3-D-like image. First approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011, they're not yet the standard of care in part because of questions that the new study aims to answer.
Some studies have found tomosynthesis detects more cancer with fewer false alarms; they're often advertised as particularly useful for younger women's dense breasts wine course.
Understand that mammograms come with pros and cons, and weigh them, said Dr. Otis Brawley, the American Cancer Society's chief medical officer.
Breast cancer is far less common at age 40 than at age 50 and beyond. After menopause, tumors tend to grow more slowly and women's breast tissue becomes less dense and easier for mammograms to provide a clearer image.
Consider: For every 1,000 women screened every other year until their 70s, starting at 40 instead of 50 would prevent one additional death — but create 576 more false alarms and 58 extra unneeded biopsies, the task force estimated. Also, two extra women would be treated for tumors that never would have become life-threatening — that over-diagnosis problem.
As for what type to choose, some insurers, including Medicare, cover the 3-D version, and a small number of states mandate coverage. Other insurers may require women to pay $50 to $100 more out of pocket. Whoever ultimately pays, extra time to analyze the scans adds to the cost.
About 100 mammography clinics across the U.S., and a few in Canada, will enroll healthy women ages 45 to 74 who already are planning to get a routine mammogram. They'll be randomly assigned to get either the regular or 3-D version for five years. Most will be screened annually but post-menopausal women who don't have certain cancer risk factors will be screened every other year.
Researchers will track every woman's results including samples from biopsies plus genetic and other tests, as well as how any cancer patients fare. The giant database hopefully will help them tease out more information about which women benefit most from what type and frequency of screening.
"Mammography has been provocative over many decades. It's important that women have a better understanding of how mammography is important for them based upon their age and other risk factors," said McCaskill-Stevens.
This Associated Press series was produced in partnership with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Department of Science Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content Dr protalk.

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Although payments to hackers are rarely publicly discussed, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation officials and private security companies have told Reuters that an increasing number of companies are paying criminal hackers to recover stolen data LPG M6.

“The economics of being a bad guy on the internet today are incredibly favorable,” said Oren Falkowitz, co-founder of California-based cyber security company Area 1 Security.

Uber has a history of failing to protect driver and passenger data. Hackers previously stole information about Uber drivers and the company acknowledged in 2014 that its employees had used a software tool called “God View” to track passengers.

Khosrowshahi said on Tuesday he had hired Matt Olsen, former general counsel of the U.S. National Security Agency, to restructure the company’s security teams and processes. The company also hired Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm owned by FireEye Inc (FEYE.O), to investigate the breach LPG M6.

The new CEO has traveled the world since replacing Kalanick to deliver a message that Uber has matured from it earlier days as a rule-flouting startup.

“The new CEO faces an unknown number of problems fostered by the culture promoted by his predecessor,” said Erik Gordon, an expert in entrepreneurship and technology at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Reporting by Jim Finkle in Toronto and Heather Somerville in San Francisco; Additional reporting by Joseph Menn and Stephen Nellis in San Francisco, Manolo Serapio Jr in Manila, Byron Kaye in Sydney, and Sam Nussey in Tokyo; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Stephen Coates

Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles PolyU has a strong record for collaborative Research and innovative research in Asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new products..
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People over 45 must not be missed!

On November 16, 2017, guangzhou - November each year is the international focus on lung cancer, on November 17, 17 of the arrival of the "international day of lung cancer, by the China association of popular science propaganda department, the family doctor online hosting, Johnson &johnson medical assisting in lung cancer prevention and control of the popular science activities held in guangzhou. First affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university jian-xing he dean Chen gang thoracic surgery, guangdong people's hospital, sun yat-sen university, director of the cancer prevention and treatment of thoracic lan-jun zhang first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university and director of radiology yu-bao guan director to participate in the activities, called for the revival of early lung cancer screening awareness, and promote "love lung plan" further carried out locally. The new type of minimally invasive surgery, such as autonomous breathing anesthesia, can even be discharged a day or two after surgery, without affecting normal work and life The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.

China's veritable "first cancer" -- lung cancer

Since 1985, lung cancer has been the highest incidence and mortality of malignancies worldwide. According to the latest statistics of 2017, the number of new lung cancer patients reached 800,000, which is the veritable "first cancer" in China! The result is that lung cancer is growing at a rate of 26.9 per cent a year, with the number of people dying of lung cancer expected to be close to 1 million by 2025.

The key to prevention of lung cancer is to stay away from the three "haze".

Experts concluded that the key to primary prevention of lung cancer is to stay away from the three "haze" : the three "haze" is the outdoor haze, the indoor haze and the haze of the heart; Five "qi" means outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution including tobacco smoke, kitchen oil fume and house decoration materials VOC pollution gas, and sulks. Tobacco control is one of the direct and effective methods, with data showing that lung cancer rates are four times higher in people aged 15 to 25 years than non-smokers.

In addition to primary prevention, secondary prevention is increasing year by year at home. By the national institutes of health and family planning commission hospital management on the implementation of the "national primary lung cancer diagnosis and treatment ability promotion project" (the phrase "love lung plan") in the early start, the purpose is to further strengthen the support dynamics of grassroots medical institutions, improve the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Due to the early stage of lung cancer without any clinical symptoms, many patients are treated with symptoms. When clinically diagnosed, it has been localized in the middle and late stage, and the optimal treatment time is lost, which is an important reason for the high mortality rate of lung cancer in China.

He jianxing, director of the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university

Healthy people should use low-dose spiral CT for lung retention at age 45

He said guangzhou was one of the first cities to promote the "love lung project" and has been the first to provide free lung cancer screening and reporting services to local people. "High-risk groups should be regularly screened for lung cancer, and healthy people from 45 years of age should carry out lung samples through low-dose spiral CT. We are targeting high risk populations with big data, and we hope that more hospitals will join the love lung program to help early detection of lung cancer." He also said that this new type of minimally invasive techniques, spontaneous breathing anesthesia has a small internal and external trauma, quicker recovery of body function, characteristics of patients after surgery can recover in a few hours, even for a day or two can be discharged from hospital.

Chen gang, director of guangdong provincial people's hospital

Guangdong province people's hospital of thoracic surgery, director Chen gang, said the past few years, guangzhou to other cities in the province of the grassroots health institutions supporting rising, he often for foreign teaching communication, grass-roots hospitals and doctors to improve the ability of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. He also pointed out that primary hospitals are the site of lung cancer prevention, and if the number of operations in primary hospitals can be matched, the patients can seize the best time for treatment.

Surgical operation has become a more effective way to treat lung cancer at home and abroad

Zhongshan university cancer prevention and control of the director of zhang LAN jun

Sun yat-sen university, director of tumor prevention and treatment of thoracic lan-jun zhang said: "in addition to the radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery at home and abroad has become a more effective way in treating lung cancer, and even can effect a radical cure early lung cancer, improve the patients survival rate." He also said that with advances in medicine and technology, new artificial intelligence technologies have revolutionized screening for lung cancer, targeting high-risk groups more precisely and judging their cancer.

The first hospital affiliated to guangzhou medical university

On the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university radiology professor yu-bao guan said should not worry too much, just listen to the doctor's advice follow-up observations, judge the trend of the development of lung nodules comprehensive personal circumstances to fight again. "Most small nodules are benign and require no thought pressure, and there are a number of ways to respond to the development of early lung cancer."

Prevention of lung cancer

It is understood that in 2017 the international attention within the lung cancer, about lung cancer prevention activities successively carried out throughout the country, from nanjing, xian, chongqing, fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, many experts are calling for increased awareness of lung cancer screening, jointly declared war on lung cancer.


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The health benefits of a good tooth

The British "Daily Mail" recently concluded with a neat and clean teeth, not only related to the appearance, but also bring the following health benefits.

1. Low risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University of North Carolina in the United States found that those with gum disease have a double risk of dying from a heart attack. Oral bacteria will induce a large release of inflammatory cells called cytokines, interfere with cardiovascular contractions, impede blood flow.

Stroke less. According to the latest study released in the United States, stroke risk in adults with gum disease is twice as high as that in healthy gingiva, and the risk of stroke increases with the severity of gum disease.

3. Sexual harmony. The study found that men with periodontal disease risk of erectile dysfunction than normal men three times. The researchers think this is a chain reaction of periodontal infections that cause blood circulation problems.

Good memory The latest study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, points out that people with gum disease have poorer memory and cognitive ability than those with gums and oral health.

5. Slow down the progress of the fool. British researchers track obese patients 6 months later found that patients with gum disease, their cognitive decline is 6 times faster than those without gum disease. The researchers believe this is because the body response to gingival inflammation accelerates brain function degeneration.

6. Joint healthier. American researchers found that patients with periodontitis in the gingiva citrullinated protein levels are high, this protein will aggravate the condition of rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Protect the lungs. British dental experts published a study said the bacteria around the gums can enter the lungs, causing infection. It is recommended that patients with lung disease pay special attention to oral hygiene.

8. Help pregnancy well. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may lead to oral problems in pregnant women. A recent study shows that pregnant women with healthy gums have a one-third lower risk of preterm birth An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn\'t that irritating? So, it\'s always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites!. ▲

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perfect palette for invention

I was recently part of a panel on France24 television to debate the subject: “The argument over French cuisine.” Rather than being a debate, though, it was more question-and-answer session once the cameras were rolling. But beforehand, the four of us on the panel had a very lively discussion in the lobby about the subject, which at one point, I stopped and told the producers that this was what should be captured by the cameras. All four of us agreed on a number of points, but came from different places, so each had our own ideas of what French cuisine is today, and where it is going. (And I had a few ideas of where it shouldn’t be going.)

Moving to the studio, I was seated next to Gregory Cohen, a French chef who’s lived in the United States. He’d brought several éclairs along from his shop, Mon Eclair, which they conveniently put right in front of me for the taping ecig accessory. It was hard to concentrate, sitting next to the beautiful creations, while we continued to chat. But when the cameras stopped, I dove right in.

Amazingly, a day after the show aired, one of my best friends in Los Angeles sent me an email. He’d seen the program and was a good friend of Gregory. I didn’t ask if he usually watched France24 in L.A., but found that pretty incredible he knew the personable fellow sitting to my left Sculptra. But I was equally interested in Gregory’s new concept of a pastry shop (where you design your own dessert), as I’ve been thinking a lot about how French cuisine will involve, and what it will it look like in the future.

While there are some extraordinary young chefs cooking in Paris today, most of the food reads to me like “global cuisine,” rather than being uniquely French. The ingredients may be sourced in France, but the chef may be Australian, French, Belgian, or American. So what makes a dish “French cuisine”? We apply that label to traditional foods from the past, but how do we define what’s assign provenance to a plate of bulots (sea whelks) tempura that I had at Pirouette two nights ago? Or the unforgettable crab salad with green tomato jelly with coral mayo I had at the Bristol? They hardly were typical “French” dishes, but made with French ingredients by French chefs. Still, if I was served them in Seattle or Tokyo, they would have felt right at home.

For the last couple of years, many of the trends in Paris took cues from outside of the country. But éclair is resolutely French and it’s the perfect palette for invention, and reinvention.


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during the simmering

Start by letting your tamarind pods soak in warm water for about 30 mins. Once the are soft, peel off the brittle shell part and squeeze out the seed pulp into your pot water. Bring your water to a rolling boil for about 5 minutes and add the Piloncillo and the cinnamon sticks HKUE ENG. For the Piloncillo you can use a cheese grater to grate the cone. After the water has boiled for about 5 minutes, lower the heat to a low simmer and add the guavas, apples, Tejocotes, prunes and sugar cane. Since the Tejocotes are already in liquid, they can be added now, otherwise they would have needed to be soaked with the tamarind since they tend to have a thicker skin.

Let the pot simmer for about an hour. This is when your home is going to smell fantastic! After about an hour you’ll notice that your apples are no longer floating nu skin hk. Taste and add sugar as you see fit. Most of the time no sugar needs to be added since the fruit releases its sweetness during the simmering.

Once it’s ready you can ladle the Ponche into mugs making sure to add some of the fruit. Also, you can add a stick of sugar cane to each drink. I placed cinnamon sticks in mine, but the traditional way uses sugar cane sticks that you can suck on! And that’s it! It’s super soothing and it just always brings up images of my childhood; my parents church always made huge pots of Ponche during our Christmas celebrations.

If you’re in Mexico during Christmastime, you’ll see street vendors sell Ponche on the sides of the street, but be careful! The true Ponche adds Brandy or Rum to the recipe.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! Thanks so much for letting me share this with you, I hope you get to try it this winter. If you do, send me some photos and let me know how it came out!


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random Starbucks

Beer people, we have our own language. Our own accepted set of standards. In most settings, with most normal humans, it’s unacceptable and off putting to ask a stranger if you can sample the beverage in their hands California Fitness. Try it, go to a random Starbucks and ask the guy who waited in line behind you if you can try his latte. The response, if you’re lucky, will be somewhere along the lines of, “Wait…what?”

Try it in a brewery, you’ll get a completely different response. Every beverage is just a polite comment away from a communion chalice. “Can I try your beer?” is nearly always met with California Fitness, “Yes! It’s awesome, give it a try.”

It’s a sacred tradition, it’s the wrist band of admission into the world of mild beer worship. We want to share, we want you to understand why we ordered what we did. We also understand that some beers are limited, the experience is fading as the keg empties and we don’t want to deny you a small place at the table California Fitness.

I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of the pass-the-beer-take-a-sip ritual. It’s a small example of how much heart there is in the world of craft beer, how excited we are about what’s being made. Just like if you see a musician listening to headphones and ask if you can listen, he’ll pass them over so you can hear too. Or if you ask a runner if you can join on the trail, he’ll happily pace to you. People want to share their passions, show even strangers what all the fuss is about. Our’s just happen to be shared in proper glassware.


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