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Second child era

  This reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education that in 2017 Beijing will vigorously develop pre-school education, build new ones, reform and expand a number of public kindergartens, and support the development of inclusive private kindergartens with more than 10,000 new places Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, polyu engineering provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

  "In recent years, due to the large number of kindergartens that originally belonged to enterprises and institutions to exit and a large influx of immigrants, leading to shortages of public kindergartens in major cities like Beijing." Feng Hongrong, member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said in addition, And the "comprehensive two-child" policy of the superposition effect, making the preschool education supply and demand more acute conflicts.

  Feng Hongrong introduced that at present Beijing is studying how to provide a sufficient degree of pre-school education and, under the premise of ensuring safety and health, increase the number of public parks and encourage social forces to run inclusive preschools. "For private kindergartens that meet the relevant standards in terms of space, safety and reputation, the government can adjust its fees through incentives, subsidies and purchase services Trouble at choosing hair care products? NU SKIN hair care products makes your hair healthy and shinny again in only 7 days!."

  It is understood that in 2017 Beijing districts will increase the supply of pre-school degree. To be specific, Dongcheng District will add 10 kindergartens and 1,500 degrees through the reform of Chunjiang Primary School and the completion of Chongweicuan, the second kindergarten in Dongcheng District. Xicheng District will add no less than 700 preschool places in government-run parks; Chaoyang District, plans to start 10 kindergartens, more than 3200 degrees; Haidian District plans to add 3000 pre-school degree; Fengtai District through the construction of 3 to 5 high-level private park, an increase of about 6,000 degrees; as Beijing city deputy Tongzhou District Center, will also build 32 kindergartens The next job that distributors of pharmaceutical products have to carry out is send these to various pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and drug stores for further sale..


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National kindergarten teacher gap of 3000000

  "China Youth Daily" WeChat number November 25, recently, some kindergarten broke the "child abuse" incident, so many people are particularly worried, there are users in the comments called for qualified kindergarten teachers to come Care for children, but in fact many people did not expect ...PolyU is devoted to offering top health and social sciences programme and top humanities programme. PolyU Optometry takes pride in being the unique undergraduate degree programme in Hong Kong.

  Serious shortage! Kindergarten professional college students are berserk

  Recently, Shanghai Morning News reported that over 100 kindergarten teachers from East China Normal University came to hiring 200 kindergartens ... Reportedly, the gap in the kindergarten teachers in Shanghai is grim.

  This year there are only 281 preschool education posts in Jiading District of Shanghai. Only 2018 faculty recruitment programs in this district are taken as examples. There are 281 preschool teachers in 58 nurseries, 5 in experimental kindergartens, 5 in kindergartens People, the most Tian-kun kindergarten will recruit 22 teachers at a time.

  And this is just the tip of the huge kindergarten teacher gap. It is reported that Shanghai East China Normal University, Guru and older graduates add up to just over 200 graduates Dream beauty pro.

  Preschool education related graduate gap how big? Carding around the media found that kindergarten professional undergraduates become the target of local pre-school children crazy grab, some college students did not even graduate, it was booked in advance.

  National kindergarten teacher gap of 3000000

  According to "Kindergarten Staff Equipping Standards (Interim)" issued by the Ministry of Education in 2013, the ratio of staff to young children in full-time kindergartens should reach 1: 5 to 1: 7. However, the data show that in 2016, the number of kindergarten teachers in our country was 3.818 million, and the ratio of teachers and students was about 1:12. To achieve the goal of 1: 7, there should be 2.888 million staff for kindergarten teachers. The standard of staffing of kindergartens in China The requirements are still far apart.

  According to the Voice of China "Global Chinese Broadcasting Network" reported that the opening of two-child policy will have far-reaching pre-primary education. The survey shows that starting from 2019, there will be a sharp increase in the number of toddlers in the preschool education stage in our country, and will continue to increase to a maximum in 2021.

  The data show that the number of school-age children in pre-primary education will increase by about 15 million in 2021 and the estimated number of kindergartens will be about 110,000. Preschool teachers and childcare workers are expected to have a gap of more than 3 million Dream beauty pro.

  3 million gap! "Because of the scarcity of resources for professional kindergarten teachers, many kindergartens are not strict in recruiting teachers for admission, and some social workers who do not have the qualifications of kindergarten teachers enter the kindergarten." Xu Wenna, director of Jinping Kindergarten in Jinan Lixia District, said precisely because Many people are holding kindergartens who, in any event, are looking for a job as a "job," without professional study and training. "When they find out that children are not very naive and imaginative, they have not solved it Approach, it can only be simple and crude choice of non-normal approach. "

  Fresh graduates can not meet the kindergarten gap

  Correspondingly, the number of college graduates is far behind the shortage of kindergarten teachers.

  Nguyen Pei-chang, director of the Employment Center of East China Normal University, said: There are over 100 graduates in pre-school education every year. Last year alone, over 200 kindergartens came to "grab" more than 100 graduates. This year's recruitment is more difficult.

  According to a report by Changsha News Network in October this year, Changsha City has a population of 7.64 million and a total population of 267,000 in the park. The number of eligible children in the next five years will also increase by 167,000, while that of preschool teachers will increase by a net amount of 32,600. However, there are no more than 3,000 new kindergarten teachers who graduated in 2017 in Hunan.

  This 3000 people are not all can stay, according to Hunan Normal University Institute of Vocational Education data show that Hunan Normal University and other urban graduates of Changsha City Institute for graduate studies or work in developed areas such as the lack of employment in kindergarten in Changsha 50% lower than other universities outside Changsha.

  Some media survey shows that some kindergarten majors are parents to help choose the professional, and some are being transferred, the phenomenon of graduation to switch is not unusual. In addition, surveys show that "stressful" and "low wages" are the main reasons why kindergarten teachers frequently switch jobs and switch jobs.

  22.4% of kindergarten teachers in China only have high school diplomas and below

  According to the annual statistics of the Ministry of Education, there were 3.81 million faculty members in the nation's kindergarten in 2016, of which 2.5 million teachers are college directors and full-time teachers. Among these kindergarten teachers, the education mainly focuses on specialties, accounting for 56.37% of the total, with 22.4% Teachers only have high school diploma and below. In addition, 73% of teachers are undecided.

  Zhang Xueping selected two vocational school students in Wuhan in the paper "Analysis and Consideration on the Quality of Kindergarten Teachers in Wuhan" to observe the quality changes of freshmen in kindergartens. The results showed that the number of low marks increased from 0.01% in 1995 to 60.41% in 2004, while the high marks dropped from 46.61% to 0.23%.

  In addition, the pre-school education had the highest proportion of people run private education at the level of academic education, reaching 64.3%, while that of ordinary primary and junior high schools only accounted for 3.37% and 9.6% respectively.

  Kindergarten-based, kindergarten teacher professional low threshold for the current pre-primary education is the main feature.

  In other countries, kindergarten teachers require more than a bachelor's degree or above

  In Canada, being a kindergarten teacher is not easy. Early childhood majors need to learn the language arts of children, explore the environment in which children grow up, innovate in children, psychology of children, nutrition and safety in children, psychology of special children, etc. More than a dozen courses. The final trainee must complete a professional course from a university approved by a provincial educational institution to qualify for early childhood education.

  It is worth noting that only graduates of early childhood education can obtain kindergarten teacher certification. Other majors, even those who have received their Ph.D. degree, will need to be reflowed if they wish to switch to a kindergarten teacher. All kindergarten teachers can apply through all preschool education courses.

  The United States requires that teachers apply for a first-time university education for 4 years and receive one to two years of post-secondary education training, including an educational internship, before taking a bachelor's degree, followed by a unified teacher qualification examination.

  French preschool teachers receive two years of training at the Teachers Training Institute (IUFM). Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications, good health, no ex-families Dream beauty pro.
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